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Off line Admission

Step-1 :  Application:   An application for registration is the first step. Prospectus available at the School.
Step-2 :  Registration:  The school Prospectus alongwith registration and application forms can be collected from the school after making a payment of Rs.1000/- (One Thousand Only).  Registration fee is non refundable.

Timings : Monday to Saturday (9 AM to 2.30 PM).
Step-3:   Submission :  Registration form can be submitted on the same day or the next day of visit.
Step-4:   Decision:    Decision for admission solely depends on the performance of the student in the written test.
Step-5:   Test:   After Submission of registration form written test will take place within 2 days . If the student passes the test, admission fee has to be deposited within next 2 days.

Note: The school fully reserves the right to admission and its decision in this matter is final and cannot be questioned. The school even reserves the right to change its admission procedure from time to time without any notice.

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