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Physics Lab

Our Physics lab is well designed, spacious enough to accommodate around 40 students so that they may acquire skill and confidence in their measurement with accuracy. Manipulation of materials, tools, instruments, description of observations, ability to rationally defend their conclusions, reporting observations are learnt along with informal discussions in the lab. The role of Physics lab is central in high school Physics as the students can construct their own understanding of Physics. This knowledge cannot be simply transmitted by the teacher but must be developed in the students by their interactions with natural processes, man-made machines and mechanisms. Meaningful learning occurs when lab activities are well- integrated into the learning sequence and experiments.

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Biology Lab

At DPS Gosain Khera we have a well laid out Biology lab. It can accommodate about 30 students at a time to comfortably conduct experiments. About 15 high resolution compound microscopes and about 15 dissection microscopes help to facilitate the learning of students. Each child has access to a microscope. The Biology laboratory is fully equipped with all the specimens, reagents, stains, glassware and other items as per the CBSE norms and requirements. The Biology laboratory also has Human Skeletons as specimen. Biology Lab is airy and well-lit which makes it easy for students to focus on their microscopes.

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Chemistry Lab

Our Chemistry lab caters to the needs of Middle School as well as Senior Secondary School students who opt for Chemical Science. Our lab is well equipped and systematic with all the apparatus, chemicals and reagents required for the smooth conduct of various experiments as per CBSE guidelines. Our lab has an efficient ventilation system with properly fitted exhaust devices. To ensure the safety of the students and laboratory personnel, chemical hoods or fume cupboards are used whenever hazardous or explosive chemicals are dealt with. Our students are strictly instructed to wear lab coats while working in the lab. Regular inspection of safety and first –aid equipment is conducted in our school. Our lab is well-lit and has adequate number of water points which are essential for smooth and safe functioning of the lab. All in all, our lab is a place where students learn and discover the mysteries of science in the safest possible way. 

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