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The school understands that safe drinking water and sanitation facilities are valuable for a healthy physical learning environment benefitting both learning and health. 

•    There are a lot of architectural and aesthetic aspects related to school’s needs of hygiene that the school takes care of,        such as: school’s building plan, safe water supply, disposition of waste, emergency lighting, ventilation, as well as           

      adequate school facilities (halls, classrooms and common areas) and furniture.
•    The school is spanking clean with hospital like cleanliness measures to ensure hygiene.
•    Washrooms for students and teachers have been renovated. The classrooms and corridors are dusted and cleaned 

      painstakingly. The housekeeping is overseen by a team of teachers on every floor.
•    The provision of safe and clean drinking water is through RO systems on every floor. 
•    The importance of personal hygiene is taught and awareness about the same is created by the school by addressing

      the students periodically through audio-visual presentations and other activities.
•    Students of all classes have regular medical check-up.
•    Health and hygiene of students is of paramount importance. During festivals like Holi and Diwali, students are made

      aware about how to play safe Holi and celebrate safe Diwali. Students prepare ecofriendly colours using fried leaves,            flowers and other natural ingredients. No cracker Diwali is the norm in the school.

  • ​All necessary mesures to fight the spread of COVID-19 like social distancing, wearing masks and thermal screening, etc. are being effectively followed and practiced in a sustained manner to deal with the disease over the long run.

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