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A huge play ground is fully utilized by our students in their games period which is allotted in the time table . There are separate playing areas for Junior and senior section. The student are accompanied by two games teachers who teach different types of indoor and outdoor games. Different equipments are provided for junior student (Nursery to Class II). They are also trained to play different games like standing rally, passing the ball etc. Senior students are interested to play relay race, kabadi, kho-kho, badminton , cricket , volley ball, passing the ball, football as outdoor games.

We have a children playing area in a corner which has some swings and slides for small children. There are many trees, uunder which students sit and talk on matters of interest.

Keeping the programmes (Annual sports, march past for independence day) in mind, the students are trained by the games teacher from the beginning of the session. “Healthy mind in a healthy body” is our motto which is followed in every step of our school curriculum.

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